Friday, 9 April 2010

Day five

I don't think I've lost anything...
But then again I haven't gained anything.
Which is a rarity for holidays I suppose
and to tell you the truth... but shhh don't say anything...
I haven't really been trying either.

I haven't exercised, I haven't eaten any fruit....

I'm a bit rubbish really. I swear to you that I shall bike next week though.

I have been doing a lot of walking though I suppose. I've walked through town centres three times this week. Then again I've also eaten fast food. So it cancels itself out. I need a shopping trip with painful shoes to really get my heart racing. It makes sense and you know it.

On the search for prom shoes hopefully next week :)
Good times all around.

Well I better get back to my maths revision. All this revision isn't doing me any good. Although I have resisted chocolate... a little.

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