Monday, 3 May 2010

Day 29 :)

Not a lot seems to be happening.
I've cut out chocolate during the week, I have like a teeny bit on the weekend, I eat healthy fibrey cereal for breakfast and I eat fruit.

I don't snack either. Unless it's fruit.

And yeah I still think I've managed to put on weight.

My mum says I might just be in a cycle. But I reckon what I need to do IS cycle.
When I'm on study leave il get up early, revise for a bit then go for a run.

Wish me luck followers.

Grassy arse. x

Friday, 9 April 2010

Day five

I don't think I've lost anything...
But then again I haven't gained anything.
Which is a rarity for holidays I suppose
and to tell you the truth... but shhh don't say anything...
I haven't really been trying either.

I haven't exercised, I haven't eaten any fruit....

I'm a bit rubbish really. I swear to you that I shall bike next week though.

I have been doing a lot of walking though I suppose. I've walked through town centres three times this week. Then again I've also eaten fast food. So it cancels itself out. I need a shopping trip with painful shoes to really get my heart racing. It makes sense and you know it.

On the search for prom shoes hopefully next week :)
Good times all around.

Well I better get back to my maths revision. All this revision isn't doing me any good. Although I have resisted chocolate... a little.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Day two- a subway

Not doing so well guys, I ate a fair amount of crap last night- today's not been too bad but I did go to Subway :/
I guess the idea is to not give up and keep trying. Hopefully I won't be munching away tonight.
I need to go to bed earlier today anyway though as I'm up at some ridiculous hour tomorrow to get a train to school and do art for three hours. Goodness me. I better bring food with me tomorrow or I shall be tempted with crap once again.
Wish me luck guys.
I haven't lost anything yet...

Monday, 5 April 2010

Day one

Today I am going to start an epic journey. I am going to loose seven pounds. Seven pounds! you may say. That's not very much.
But see I only have a few weeks to do it in... and I am not very good at loosing weight.
That is unless I eat nothing at all- which is a difficult task when I have my exams on... that's biscuit central.

But why specifically seven? Well... I was a little over enthusiastic and bought my prom dress around four months ago. It fit beautifully and I had to buy it there and then.
I have put seven pounds on since then. It still fits.. but not so beautifully.

Prom is on the 29th of June. Today is the 5th of April. That means I have almost three months to loose this amount.. AND KEEP IT OFF.

A pound a week... and then some.
How difficult can it be? I've decided to write a blog about it so that if I don't manage it I will feel terribly embarrassed about it- so therefore will be shamed into doing better.

So how's today going? Well it is easter monday. Chocolate is on the horizon but so far all I have eaten is a jacket potato. With cheese. And beans. And brown sauce. And some chocolate that my sister gave me.

Well it is three o clock. That's not too bad an amount by mid afternoon. There is a galaxy easter egg on my desk tempting me. "Eat me nice lady, you know you want to.. nom nom..", But I shall resist.